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Legislators of Iowa set to revisit iGaming legislation

Written By: Maya Michaels | January 28, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

Legislators in the American state of Iowa are again scheduled to have a look at legalising several forms of intra-state online gambling after 3 members of the Iowa Senate sponsored a study bill earlier this week.

Referred to as Iowa Senate Study Bill 1068 and proposed on Wednesday by Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson in consultation with Democrat counterpart Wally Horn and Republican member Randy Feenstra, the measure is much like 2011’s Senate Study Bill 1165 and proposes that The Hawkeye State look at establishing requirements for the issuing of intra-state Internet wagering licences.

Politicians in Iowa use Study Bills as a means of identifying how an issue might be received by the a couple of chambers of the Iowa General Assembly, including the lower Iowa House of Representatives, and are sent to committee for consideration after being sponsored. Should such a measure go on to be approved by its committee, it may be introduced onto the floor of either chamber for general debate.

Senate Study Bill 1068 read “At a minimum, the requirements shall include security measures to insure the integrity of Internet wagering and technical standards governing the technology used to conduct Internet wagering,”

“In addition, the requirements shall, subject to reasonable conditions established by the commission, allow eight persons who have registered with an Internet wagering licensee to engage in Internet wagering with other persons regardless of location to the extent permissible by law.”

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