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Learn Business Lessons by Playing Poker

Written By: Maya Michaels | February 12, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

You may not think you can learn much when it comes to playing poker, and so many people perhaps tell you this. However, many people that do actually play poker, have something to share with those that think it is a mindless, waste less game that only causes addiction and corruption. It is actually a game that is stimulating, that keeps your mind sharp and hey, if you can win a buck or two every now and again, it can be rewarding.

Lessons Learned

When you play poker, you’re able to run the numbers. You’re able to learn something more from what you’re playing. You can ensure that you’re getting all that you want by knowing what numbers you should and should not have. This keeps your mind sharp and your ability to work with numbers even sharper.

While many think that being able to have the patience when playing a game of poker is something that is not required, it is. This not only makes you even better in the business world when dealing with people but it can also be ideal for a parent to have all the patience in the world when dealing with their children.

Since you’re playing poker, you’re probably also playing for cash. This means you have to make the right calls, the right bets and this can be done when you have smart money sense. This makes you more able to handle money in the business world than others you may know.

So if you thought that you didn’t get anything from playing poker, those poker pros want you to know to think again. You can learn so much from being able to put your hand down on the table and play the day away. If you’re calm, collected, make the best moves and know when to stop by being controlled, you can be an expert poker player and business person.

As for those pro poker players, playing poker is generally not their first profession. It is something they enjoy and something that they have gotten better at with time, but it is definitely not the only way that they make their cash when it comes to a professional career in this world. Which is why many professional poker players actually have jobs in the business world, pushing numbers or creating spreadsheets that help other businesses.

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