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Jason Mercier wins Triple

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 19, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

As springtime excels into full speed, chips are flying and poker pros have never felt better. The Poker Stars Spring Championship of Online Poker is in play and things are looking up for poker star Jason Mercier. He hasn’t just limited himself to Texas Hold Em, this year he’s expanding his horizons and trying his luck across the gamut. In just one week the popular poker star won 2 back to back tournaments, both in $2,000 ranges. He raked in over $4,000 in cash during the Badugi and No Limit Draw events. As the poker room fills up with seasoned champions and a few amateurs, Mercier has never felt more confident.
Jason Mercier is proving his poker chops, time and time again. Just this past weekend, he won yet again during a high stakes tournament game. With the odds stacked against him, Mercier along with 398 players competed for the win in a $2,000 Four-Handed No Limit Hold’em game. Jason Mercier successfully defeated other big names in the online poker world. Soon, things were tense and the stakes became even higher, Mercier cleared out the game room with the exception of a few experienced players. His final components were Anderson, Ryan, Franklin and ‘TransSib, who was the first to leave the match. Mercier pulled a few impressive moves, and won yet another poker match against his rivals.
World poker star Jason Mercier made a deal with Franklin to take a break from the tournament, they would make a deal regarding the $330,000 on the poker table. Both Franklin and Mercier are experienced in the game, seasoned in online poker and really know how to play one and other. They each decided to split the cash and leave the title unclaimed. Mercier would collect $170,457 and Franklin would take $170,457 for the entire poker tournament. The game had to continue however, and tensions quickly escalated. With Franklin and Mercier both being dealt winning hands, things became intense. Eventually Mercier won the game with a little face card, the number 5. Within just 1 week, Jason Mercier trakes the win 3 times in a row.

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