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Israeli IT Manager Wins the WSOP Tournament

Written By: Maya Michaels | June 9, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Israeli IT manager to take home the gold bracelet and top prize.

The top prize goes to the winner of the World Series of Poker tournament champ, that is also an Israeli IT manager, Idan Raviv. Not only is this his first time winning the big amount but this is also one of the most exciting times of his life. He couldn’t believe that he made it to the top. However, we are more impressed with his background and his ability to code almost anything. With so much knowledge, he has made it to the top of a poker game, and the top of the company that he currently works for. He should be a proud man!

The Details of the Win

He has won other poker tournaments, but through Israel, and never the WSOP event that he currently has won. He got the gold bracelet after the second round, and couldn’t be happier about the win. He played tough against many of the other players that tried to beat him off the tables through a series of hands that kept them going for days, as the World Series of Poker is known for.

He took home over $450,000 for the top place prize. Though the runner up was kind of bummed out by not making up in the big area at the top of the game, he still was able to take home a bracelet, though it is not gold, and also $280,000. This should still be taken as a big win for the gentleman that fought his way to the remaining players at the table.

The buy in was a whopping $1,500 per player, which is a big part of the game since they have to add it to a pot where the winners are going to be able to get their cash from. However, when we went to get a comment from the winner, he stated that he was not able to give one due to strict Israeli laws.

While this is a big win, we can still speculate on just how excited he probably is, and how big of a win this was. This is a big part of the poker tour, and one of the biggest things that so many players try to be a part of.

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