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Inaugural American Poker Awards To Take Place In February 2015

Written By: Maya Michaels | June 5, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

The Global Poker Index Awards (GPI) have been up and running in Europe for around 18 months now, and now thanks to the French businessman Alex Dreyfus America are all set to have their own version called the ‘American Poker Awards’.

The American Poker Awards will see some of the leading figures in the game attend the inaugural awards in February next year, with the awards ceremony being held at the SLS Hotel in Beverley Hills, California.

Businessman Dreyfus has been speaking to Pokernews.com about the new awards and he hopes that they will become even more successful than their European counterparts. Dreyfus said, “The GPI has been very successful in Europe during the past 18 months, so now we want to do the same in the US. The awards are a way for us to plant a flag and say “hey, this is our territory now.” I am sure we will be even more successful in the US than we already are in Europe.”

Dreyfus went on to add, “The awards are going to be a big industry gathering with 250 to 300 invitees. We plan to invite top players and nominees as well as directors of the main poker rooms in US and North America. We aim to bring the top of the poker industry together.”

Dreyfus had initially planned to hold the inaugural awards in conjunction with the Word Series of Poker (WSOP), but had a change of heart. He explained the reasoning behind his decision saying, “Well, there are different reasons behind our choice. We took into consideration the idea of running the awards during the WSOP, and that would have been great. Yet, the WSOP is so big that our event would have been probably very small in relation. Then, consider that the American Poker Awards will reward the best of poker that happened between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31. And this means that we needed to run the event somewhere between January and March.”

A great imitative from Alex Dreyfus and we will of course bring you news of the inaugural awards ceremony next year here at Poker Net.

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