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Hollywood Poker Open Kicks Off on Season 4

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 6, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

The follow up game is here, and the players are ready to kick off another great season of the Hollywood Poker Open. It is all hands in with this game, and everyone is looking forward to having a great time. Starting November 12, and ending around the 22nd, there are plenty of games and rounds for everyone to have a chance to hit the green, and allow themselves to make it out on the top. While the last season of games were all pretty close, they had some top players during it that held their spots tight, and were not about to let it go.

What You Can Expect

The event is highlighted through their $1,115 main event that is going to kick off the show and get everyone on their feet and after some of the best playing times that they have ever had. This is one of the bigger events that are sometimes televised, but if they are not, you can still catch all of the action online when you want to follow some of your favorite players that will be returning for yet another season, even if they did not win the last ones. Let’s all just hope that they brushed up on their poker playing skills since then.

The players are going to be trying their luck for the $500,000 Guaranteed Championship Event, where they can win even more money, and get in to play with some of the top league names, and try their luck. This is going to be one of the biggest events within the poker world, and you have to make sure to follow it as it unfolds.

We will announce the winners of the tournament closer to the end time, as well as give you updates throughout. Make sure to tune in to Poker Net for all of the latest poker tournament updated information!

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