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Hawaii and Iowa Fail With Their Bids To Allow Online Gaming

Written By: Maya Michaels | March 12, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

Playing poker online is a favourite pastime for literally millions and millions of people around the world, but in the United States of America that is not the case, though there are a number of bills in place to hopefully allow online poker, though Hawaii and Iowa have not been as lucky as some states.

Only last month New Jersey became the third state in the USA to allow online gaming, with the other two being Nevada and Delaware. Today though news breaking in America states that Hawaii and Iowa have seen their bills for online gaming and online poker thrown out by the respective committees.

Hawaii have been trying to bring online poker to their shores for some time now, and things were looking good when they passed the first two stages of the approval process. Both the Economic Revitalization & Business Committee and the Judiciary Committee gave the go ahead, but the bill did not even get heard when it was presented to the House Finance Committee. Reports coming from Hawaii suggest that legislators showed little or no support to the bill, hence why it was not granted a full hearing.

This constitutes a major setback for Hawaii, especially as they passed the first two steps in the process with ease. Iowa have also seen their application to allow online poker fail as well, after passing the initial preliminary process just a few weeks ago. The news will have come as a big blow to Jeff Danielson, the State Senator, as he was the main sponsor behind the proposed bill. The state of Iowa will not be able to go ahead with another bill allowing online poker until 2014, which will be a major disappointment to Danielson and his supporters, let alone the millions of people who want to partake in the wonderful game of poker.

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