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Global Poker League Plans to Repackaging the Card Game into a Sport

Written By: Maya Michaels | October 21, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Have you ever thought soccer has MLS, football has NFL, gulf has PGA, and those who enjoy the game of poker what do they have.  At this time there have been talks that poker may have a professional league of their very own.  Aleixandre Dreyfus is the person behind the plans.  He is known to be the poker industries impresario behind the Global Poker Index player ranking.  He plans on creating a 14 week season that has 12 teams as these teams compete live while in a stadium like setting.
Dreyfus has stated that he has already risen close to 5 million dollars from investors in order to help create the Global Poker League through his own company.  Each of these Poker Teams would have an owner as well as represent a different city such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo and Toronto, these are just naming a few.  While the details that are being discussed about the team ownership are still not clear, Aleixandre states that the Poker Leagues first season is already slated to begin in February.
Aleixandre states that his Global Poker Index contains data on over 450,000 players that are span across 97 countries.  He also states that these players would be paid on a salary just like baseball players as well as being drafted based upon their talent as well as strategy techniques.  These games would not be played with money like other poker games but a bonus for winning a match may be quite the incentive.
With the focus being shifted from the monetary winnings to the actual player’s energy as well as his or her tactics, Dreyfus hopes that the game of poker may become more exciting for the audiences that are watching the games.  Whether this may be watching at the event live, watching it on the computer, or even watching it on T.V.

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