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Global Poker League Introduces a Sixth Player to Each Franchise!

Written By: Maya Michaels | February 16, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

The Global Poker League contains 12 league ­owned teams from all around the globe. the teams are associated with a number of different cities and have logos as well. It was the first professional poker league. The seasons consist of 12 weeks of twice ­weekly competitions. The competitions are spread across live in­ studio matches, online platforms, and played at iconic venues. Drafts are done to choose the competitors, and usually three rounds are done.

A Sixth Player to Each Franchise

The Global Poker League announced a new development to its program during the Draft order Selection Show which took place on Tuesday. Formerly the league consisted of 12 franchises, each containing five players. However, the GPL has announced the addition of a sixth player to each franchise, as well as the draft being increased to four rounds. This is entirely new and different for the league.

The New Draft

The draft will mostly remain the same as it has always been, except with a little bit of a twist. The new fourth pick of the draft will be optional for the franchise managers. They can choose to take a fourth draft or they can choose not to. If they choose not to take the fourth draft, they will instead have an additional wild card selection. It will be held in a snake style format. So the managers will pick players in a select predetermined order during the first round, which will then be reversed in the second round. Two more reverses will occur one in the third round, and one in the fourth.

This causes the Global Poker league to take a whole new direction, with a ton of new possibilities. This allows a twist in the Global Poker League to be a little bit more competitive and interesting, since these new aspects are being incorporated. It is a completely new route for the Global Poker League, one that will be enjoyable for everyone. Nobody will know what to expect for the new season, which is what makes it so much more exciting.

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