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Full Tilt Poker Players Are Still Waiting For Their Monies To Be Returned

Written By: Maya Michaels | July 23, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

The world of poker is still recovering from an eventful seven weeks in Las Vegas, but the fallout from another major poker event rumbles on. It is now well over two years ago that “Black Friday” hit the poker world and American players are still waiting to receive their monies from the fallout. Over the weekend it has been reported that there has been no date set to when players can expect to receive their money, and it could be another year or more before they do.

The Garden City Group (GCG) were put in place by the Department of Justice to distribute an estimated $184million of money from the poker site Full Tilt Poker. Over the weekend reports in America surfaced that GCG are still in the process of going through all of the players data information. An unnamed source from the GCG had this to say regarding the payment process. They said, “The process will most likely take longer than a year, probably longer. There are no dates set in stone as of yet. We haven’t even begun the claims process.”

That is not what players of Full Tilt Poker wanted to hear as it is estimated that there are in the region of 1.3million players who are still waiting to receive their money back. One high stakes player is American Poker Pro Blair Hinkle and it is public knowledge that he has over $1million stuck in his Full Tilt Poker account, and there are sure to be many other players in the same boat as Hinkle.

PokerStars paid non US players 100% of their money back last November, but American players will just have to sit and wait for their money to be returned, but when they will receive that money is anyone’s guess, and whether they will receive it at all is a question that many people are now asking more and more.

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