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Richard Figiel Wins Big Despite Losing Twice At The Weekend

Written By: Maya Michaels | April 1, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

Busting from a major poker tournament can sometimes leave players very down, especially if they had a good hand and were beaten by a lucky river card for example. Also the time immediately after such a bust can sometimes be a time to leave poker well alone as it is a well known fact emotions run high and decisions can be made that would not normally be made during tournament play. One player though was celebrating at the weekend after busting from the PartyPoker.net World Poker Tour National Canadian Spring Championship as he then went onto hit the bad beat jackpot at a cash table despite losing yet another hand.

Richard Figiel was playing in Day 1a of the PartyPoker.net World Poker Tour National Spring Championship at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal, a club that thankfully for Figiel has a bad beat jackpot in place. Busting from one tournament is bad enough, but to then go on and lose with quad 7’s is every players nightmare, but for Figiel his anguish quickly turned to joy as he realised he had hit the bad beat jackpot of $415,551.

Figiel was involved with Dimitri Marcos, who won the hand with quad 10’s, with one other unnamed player involved in the hand. Figiel walked away with the lions share of the jackpot taking home $157,865, while Marcos scooped a cool $78,955, with all other players at the table pocketing $11,279. Also every single active cash player in the room also walked away with $500 thanks to the bad beat jackpot being won.

Two high profile names were at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal to witness the bad beat jackpot being won and both took to Twitter to break the news. Mike Sexton said, “Just got broke @PLAYGROUNDPOKER w/5’s on 7-5-2 flop (he had pocket 7’s). HUGE cheer goes up – guy just hit $400k bad beat jackpot same time” while Antonio Esfandiari said, “Arrived @PLAYGROUNDPOKER for day1WPT within 30 min I busted AND witnessed someone hit a 400k Bad Beat JACKPOT 77 lose to 1010 #SoSick.”

All in all a good weekend for Richard Figiel despite losing two big hands and exiting two big poker tournaments, though he will not want his losing streak to continue for too long as losing becomes a habit and there will not always be huge bad beat jackpots on offer to compensate him.

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