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Fairfax SWAT Team Storms into Poker Game

Written By: Maya Michaels | January 29, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

When you see the news, you never think about just how much force is put behind those games that are illegally played and what exactly happens when they are. For the area of Fairfax, this became a true living problem when it came to a bunch of people coming together in a home later in the evening to play a game of Texas Hold ‘Em poker, and then having the SWAT team move in on you.

Many of the people at the table were terrified, and each one of them were arrested because of the game that they were playing for cash and were not supposed to be playing. SWAT moved in quickly and told everyone to put their hands on the table while they held them up at gun point, where everyone complied and listened to the officers. Many of the players were scared at what would happen if they did not comply, since many were just there playing a harmless game, or so they thought.

The Tournament

This was an organized tournament by the person that owns the home, that got everyone together. They each bought into the tournament with $20,000 and if they lost this amount during their run on the table then they could buy themselves back in at a later date. This was something that many of the players would manage to do later on in the night.

A lot of money, over $150,000 was taken into custody from the owner of the home, including the money that the players were using to play the games. In addition, three of the players were arrested on illegal gambling charges. This just brought a shock to everyone there, since they did not think that anyone knew what was going on. In addition, the host of the game was the one that was taking cuts from the players. 1.5 percent of their earnings would all go to the person holding the game. The right hand person to the host was giving massages, handing out coffee and other beverages during game play.

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