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European Poker Tour To Award Their Player of the Year A Cool €50,000

Written By: Maya Michaels | September 5, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

Playing in live poker tournaments day in day out can sometimes be a little tiring, especially with all the travelling involved from one country to the next, but the rewards that are on offer more than compensate for the tiredness no doubt. Players can earn millions of pounds/dollars playing the game they love and now thanks to the European Poker Tour (EPT) the player of the year is set to walk away with the biggest cash prize on offer anywhere in the world for the EPT “Player of the Year”.

The EPT have announce that the Player of the Year for Season 10 will be awarded a cool €50,000, an award that the winner will be able to use to enter any of the main events throughout the season. As well as entry to the EPT they will be able to enter the Latin American Poker Tour and the Asia Pacific Poker Tour too, as well as a host of other events being stage throughout the calender year.

The President of the EPT is Edgar Stuchly and he had this to say about the award. He said, “It is only fitting that the world’s biggest and richest poker tour hosts the world’s most prestigious player award for the best player of the season. The European Poker Tour features some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world, with the best players in the world, and this prestigious award is matched by a valuable prize.”

Indeed it is a valuable prize and one that any player would gladly add to their poker CV at the end of a busy season. The Global Poker Index (GPI) points formula will be used to determine player points, with all live EPT tournaments counting towards a players ranking as long as there are at least 24 players taking part and entry is open to all.

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