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Estrellas Poker Tour Heating Up with Record Breaking Views

Written By: Maya Michaels | August 19, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

The numbers that come with the Estrellas Poker Tour are much higher than we have seen in recent years. Never judge a book by it’s cover because this tour is record breaking. This is the 100th EPT event in the history that is producing such large numbers outside of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Tour. This is big news for Estrellas.

There are three days of the main event that are scheduled and after only two of them, the tournament has brought in some of the biggest field results in the history of PokerStars throughout the entire life events. There is still one more day to go where there will be even more to add onto the numbers when it is done and over.

Large Number of Entrants

With 2,300 entrants signed up for the event, it beats the Brazilian Series of Poker by over 200. This event is organized by PokerStars and was held in Sao Paulo in October of 2013 – which used to hold the highest. Since they have such a love of poker, they broke one of the highest records that you’ll ever find for a tournament and it was a big occasion for those that were at the tables.

This was the opening tournament for the beginning of the European Poker Tour that was going to start right after. This tour attracted many players that live in the area and traveled all the way to the area just to put in their entries. You’re able to enjoy watching them play throughout the entire tour, since they broadcast it. Barcelona is a magical, beautiful place which makes it ideal to win a little when you’re a part of a tournament, and why many people entered to play.

Of course, in addition to those that signed up that you do not know – make sure to look around for a few familiar faces of those that you do. If you follow the tournaments, you’ll be able to spot them out since they are long time poker players for PokerStars. Enjoy the action that unfolds during the Estrellas poker tournament.

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