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Early Figures Are Encouraging For All Concerned At Ultimate Poker

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 7, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

This time last week here at Pokernet.com we brought you the news that UltimatePoker.com was about to go live with it’s real money online poker site. A week has now passed since then so let’s take a look at some of the figures that UltimatePoker.com have generated over the past week.

As expected the initial action was slow, but this was put down to a few technical glitches. According to the statistics website PokerScout.com Tuesday evening saw a maximum of 92 players playing at any one time, but that figure was almost doubled just 24 hours later when 173 players played during the evening.

So after the first two days the figures were nothing special, but online poker had returned to Nevada so the figures were more than adequate, especially when you add in the added complication that some users reported. The next day the 200 barrier was broken for the first time with Thursday’s figures peaking at 205, and even better was to follow on Friday evening when 243 players were reported to be playing.

Over the weekend the 300 barrier was broken with a figure of 325 being the highest reported so far in the first week. After the first seven days an average daily figure of 121 has been reported which is extremely encouraging for everyone concerned.

It will be interesting to compare figures over the next few weeks of the 30 day trial period, but the early signs are more than encouraging for everyone at UltimatePoker.com. With the World Series of Poker looming large on the horizon visitors to Nevada will be hoping the initial problems are fixed so they can grab a piece of the action too. Then and only then will the software be fully tested, but by then the little problems will no doubt be fixed and players at UltimatePoker.com will be able to enjoy playing online poker day after day.

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