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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Throughout the Poker Scene

Written By: Maya Michaels | October 28, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

Is this a problem? So many people would argue back and forth to determine whether or not it is. This is something that has long been debated, because a lot of people think that this is something that goes hand in hand – especially if you’re a big winner – you need something to spend all that money on, and now you can afford the expensive drinks, and lavish drugs.

Research went into this controversy on whether or not it is a problem throughout the poker world in the UK. They started with a poll, and then it escalated into so much more – so that they were able to get the true answer out of whether or not this a problem for so many poker players around the world.

The Answer….

Is yes. Drug and alcohol abuse is a problem throughout the poker scene. How did this conclusion come about?

In a poll that was conducted, many people stated that they drank over the weekly amounts of alcohol then are recommended. It is something that goes well with the game of poker. In addition to this, men were the ones that were more commonly found drinking in excess while playing poker, over women. The players also have the second lowest body mass index throughout the world, due to the excessive drinking and sitting while playing the hand of poker.

In addition, poker and drugs have a long history together because when you’re playing, you’re feeling good and you can heighten this feeling with a drug of choice. Not only that, but when you win big, you want to do big things – causing more people than ever to do drugs. Starting the game of poker with a drug addiction can also lead the person to become more involved with the addiction.

There are also many good things that come of poker, as well – so do not think it is all bad. Many poker players do not have a drug and alcohol problem, and they promote healthy activity, as well. This is a good face of the industry that so many people rarely think of because it has already gotten its rap from bad history.

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