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Daniel Negreanu States that Playing with Gus is ‘Just Plain FUN’

Written By: Maya Michaels | September 6, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

Negreanu is #1 on the top money listing, as well as leading the popularity ranking and yes, he has a Netflix documentary on his life.  He has continued to be the top sponsored poker player as well as having his very own opinion on everything.  Negreanu recently started his very own blog about his adventures during the live cash tables while he was in Vegas as well as starting a podcast.

During the WSOP, there were quite a few fantastic poker players, and Negreanu noticed that they have gotten better at playing the game over the year.  He then realized that if he was not practicing all the time, he would be in fact staying behind.  Daniel prides himself on the fact that he is a really good mixed player.  Yet the fact still remains that if he does not actually practice against the best of the best in the game of poker he does in fact lose his edge.  Negreanu also states that it is just plain fun for him.  He remembers playing 30 to 40 hour sessions when he was young with Patrik, Gus as well as Phil.

Negreanu started off playing really good, he was totaling $400,000.00 within the very first hour of play.  After approximately 100 hours of playing he has earned $250,000.00 for the year. This just may sound like a lot of money to many people, but in reality it is not.  When a player is playing.

If you were to read his blog that he wrote about playing poker while he was San Diego with Phil and Gus, You would find out that playing poker with Gus is just a lot of fun for many different reasons.  Not just for the simple fact that is of good value, but simply due to the fact that he is just plainly a really fun guy.  He has a lot of really good energy.

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