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Crockfords Casino Hit Back In Case Against Phil Ivey Claiming He Cheated

Written By: Maya Michaels | May 16, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

In recent weeks there has been a plethora of news articles about international poker player Phil Ivey and Crockfords Casino in London. In short the casino are refusing to pay Ivey $11.9million (£7.8million) in winnings, winnings he accrued in August of last year, which has led Ivey to issue court proceedings against them. The casino has now hit back claiming Ivey was cheating.

Last week a spokesperson for Crockfords Casino read out the following statement. It read, “In this rare instance we are able to confirm that our position, which is supported by strong legal advice, has been made very clear to Mr Ivey’s solicitors from the start. We shall be filing our defence shortly.”

In court on Tuesday Crockfords claimed Ivey’s winnings were not paid to him because they were “based upon illegal acts.” So in other words they are accusing him of cheating.

Strong words from the casino then to accuse one of the worlds most notable poker players of cheating, but Ivey was quick to respond to those claims in a statement that was read out from his solicitors. It reads, “The fact that I have issued a lawsuit in the face of what they are alleging says everything about how comfortable I am with my conduct and the validity of my win. Any allegations of wrongdoing by Crockfords are denied by me in the very strongest of terms.”

So one person say the winnings were won fair and square, while the other say that they were not. This case could go on for some time yet, but with either party refusing to budge it remains to be seen who is going to come out on top. Rather than going through the courts perhaps they should play a game of poker and let the winner claim the winnings, or spin the roulette wheel with one betting black and the other betting red.

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