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Couple Accused of Robbing Poker Player at Gunpoint

Written By: Maya Michaels | February 23, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

When it comes to playing poker, and actually winning a few hands, you feel good about the job that you did. Poker is about the game of skill, and not chance. This makes winning even more so better. However, this poker player did not expect to get what happened to him the last time he went to the tables and won at some hands.

The Details 

Scott Robbins, a professional poker player that travels often for poker tournaments was trailed, and then robbed at gunpoint by the couple that wanted to just steal the earnings he just made from the table. When he left the winning table, he went to the store on his scooter, and the whole time, the robbers kept following them in their Toyota Camry. When he ended up at his home, that is when the robbery happened.

The couple walked over to Robbins, and the man pointed the gun into his back and told him to put his hands on the seat, while asking if he had a gun. He told Robbins that he knew why he was there, and to just give everything up, so that they could be on their way and no one would be hurt. Of course, Robbins allowed them to take many valuable items such as the earnings, his entire wallet, his watch, his iPhone and anything else he had on him.

While it was a scary experience, he quickly spoke to police. He was able to log onto his account right from the deputy’s cell phone to track the location of his cell phone. The robber stated he wasn’t going to take the phone, but ended up taking it anyway and it was a good thing he did since over $12,000 was gone with them when they left.

They were able to locate, and arrest the robber within the hour. This was one of the best responses that he had, and he couldn’t have been happier that the robber didn’t think about the tracking that could possibly be on the phone that he had just stolen.

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