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Cleveland Casinos begin gambling venture

Written By: PokerNet.com | May 15, 2012 | Posted In Poker News

Ohio casinos have just opened with the first four being inaugurated in Cleveland, promising new jobs, tax windfalls and also an urban revival which is located in the heart of the Rust belt.

There are also growing signs of new direct visitors, with a widespread clean of the area in order to introduce new members. Sidewalks have been power washed and crosswalks freshly painted as well as hiring of over 1,600 people to iaugerate the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland which took place on Monday.

Despite the possible implications of the casino in this location, they will not take similar methods as Las Vegas has with large fountains or themed attraction. The project for Cleveland’s casinos will not take the same road but rather attempt to produce an image of no0nonsense Midwest values to appeal to the wider audience.

“It almost makes you want to get dressed up, put on a tuxedo or ball gown and come here,” stated Jeff Cohen, a principal of Rock Gaming and also a partner in the casino with Caesars Entertainment.

Alongside this there is also the main premise that the location will be used to bring in gamblers and despite this there are still some critics who are unsure of the direction that the casino will take in the nearing future with regards to business.

“I think there’s no doubt that any time gambling is expanded or has expanded around the country, you’ve seen an increase in problem and addicted gamblers,” said Rob Walgate, the vice president of the American Policy Roundtable which has fought on the move for expanded gambling in Ohio.

Ohio has opened its doors to allow casino gambling with the four casinos approved in 2009. This came amidst previous scepticism with the previous 20 years receiving only decline for the proposal of new casinos.

The win was the 5th attempt by the city and passed with a 53 percent margin, all on the back of the project promising more jobs for the citizens, extra tax revenues for the cities that are struggling such as school districts. It was however opposed by church groups who were concerned about trouble gamblers and the accompanying social ills.

The Cleveland Casino currently has a total of 2,100 slot machines, 63 tables and a 30 table World Series of Poker room as well as a VIP establishment which provides a location for the higher end gamblers. Amidst the expansion project, there are also talks of helping to integrate the new casinos into online poker if the reforms go through.

The casino also has an illustrious selection of foods and banquet dinners. Whilst critics are unsure of the future prospects of the casinos, they are touting the helpfulness of improving state revenue and also introducing new jobs.

Source: State Journal

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