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Celebrating Ten Years of High Stakes Poker

Written By: Maya Michaels | January 19, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

Having been dealt the very last hand of pocket kings for the day’s filming, Sammy Farha wasted very little time as he re-raised Barry Greenstien to an amount of $12,500.00.  Then what does Greenstien do, sticks another $50,000.00 into the pot.  As an unlit cigarette dangles between Farha’s lips he ponders his options before he states that yes he was all in.  Greenstien then in turn snap-called with aces, which in turn prompted the announcer to excitably announce that the pot is now a mind blowing $361,800.00 in cold hard cash.


Fortuately for Sammy Farha, he then flopped a king and his opponent Barry Greenstien did not improve.  A very smug Sammy Farha stated that you have got to gamble in order to win, boys and girls, to the other players around the table.


It ended up being a huge hand as well as an unquestionably noticeable moment of the initial season of the cash-game poker show High Stakes Poker.  Little did the Game Show Network (GSN) executives know that simply aiming a camera at a game of card players would turn out to be such a huge smash hit.   With the diverse mix of deep pocketed recreational players and poker professionals situated behind brick like stacks of 100 dollar bills, which created this mind blowing pot, High Stakes Poker captivated audiences right from the start as well as providing a window into the rarely seen world of high-stakes cash gaming.


For many poker fans out there, both the recreational player as well as the poker professional, this show – High Stakes Poker – is an hour of television that you just will not want to miss that can be viewed every week starting January 16, 2016.

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