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California Back At it to Try and Legalize Online Poker

Written By: Maya Michaels | March 15, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

It has been almost a decade since California has been able to bring the bill up and to be considered for being passed. Legalizing and regulating online poker can mean big things for the state, but not everyone is on board with this, so it has been one of the longest journeys so far that online gambling has seen throughout the United States, and one that might not go down without a fight.

Treading the Legal Waters of Online Poker

Online gaming has seen some murky waters in the past year, and currently, the fight to get just a few things online legalized and regulated seemed to be an uphill battle. However, California has finally put their foot forward and might be able to go all hands-in when it comes to finalizing this bill that would make online poker playing legal and regulated throughout the entire state.

Currently, only Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey have regulated, legalized bills stating that online gambling is legal to do within their states. The other states in question, that would like to have their bills passed, such as California, have been trying for some time to get to the point that Cali is currently in.

However, there are rules that online poker has to follow. The online poker rooms have to come from Indian ran facilities online, and though some do not provide this, they could partner with PokerStars or other online platforms to provide the necessary poker gaming rooms needed. In addition to this, there has to be a minimum revenue of around $60 million annually in order to continue running throughout future years. It has to show that this is a solid way for the state to gain some revenue off of something that was so tricky to pass in the first place.

As for right now, it is up there but no decision has yet to be made. Pokernet will keep you covered on the latest developments for online poker within California.

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