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Bovada Progressive Knockout Online Tournament Series Running Until the End of June

Written By: Maya Michaels | June 25, 2021 | Posted In Poker News

Bovada Poker’s first ever Progressive Knockout tournament series is already underway, and it’s clear that the format is a hit with the players.

The series officially runs June 1-30, and has more than $4.5 million in posted guarantees from over 100 events to choose from.

How Do PKOs Work?

Take a $30 buy-in tournament for example. In a traditional knockout format, $10 may be designated for the bounty. That means that you will earn $10 for every player you eliminate, in addition to whatever you may cash for from the prize pool.

In a Progressive Knockout tournament, however, a portion of the bounty is earmarked to increase the price on your own head. So every time you knock someone out, you’ll win their bounty, and your own progressive bounty will go up by the same amount.

As a result, busting someone late in the tournament could be very lucrative!

Other Knockout Options

Of course, Bovada does still offer plenty of regular knockout tournaments on the daily schedule. And if you don’t have the time for a full event, check out the lightning-fast action of Bovada’s knockout sit-n-gos, available in 6 or 18-player formats.

Bovada Poker features a fast, smooth interface, and users also enjoy the site’s easy-to-use mobile feature which allows players to get their online poker fix from their smartphone or tablet.

With Bovada’s anonymous tables, you don’t have to worry about your opponents tracking your playing style. You’ll start with a clean slate every time you sit down to play.

If you like action, make sure to try out Zone Poker. You no longer have to wait while other players at the table finish out a hand. Every time you fold at a Zone Poker table, you’ll automatically be moved to a new table with new players to be dealt a brand new hand. You can even double up with a second Zone Poker entry and play two tables at once.

Bovada’s software has many other features, such as all-in percentages, table customization options, hand history viewer, and even a rabbit cam, which allows players to know what the next card would have been even after folding.

Don’t wait! Sign up today for Bovada and get started with a 100 percent deposit bonus up to $500.

Bovada Poker is available for all U.S. players, except those in Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland.

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