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Bad Beat Jackpot Of $270,000 Claimed At Tropicana Casino

Written By: Maya Michaels | July 4, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

People who play cash poker regularly, either online or at their local casino, will be only too aware of the “Bad Beat Jackpot” that is available. A “Bad Beat” is when a player with a strong looking hand is a clear favourite to win the pot, only to be beaten by a player who holds a better hand hence the term bad beat. That’s exactly what happened at the Tropicana Atlantic City Resort & Casino at the weekend as one lucky player walked away with a cash prize of over $100,000 for losing a hand with quad nines!

The hand in question occurred on Saturday afternoon at 2pm at a $1-$2 No Limit Table at the Tropicana Atlantic City Resort & Casino. Steve Callender is the General Manager at the Tropicana and he explains the hand in question and how the $271,681.51 Bad Beat Jackpot was shared out. He said, “The players were gathered around a $1-2 no limit table, with $435 in the centre pot. John DiSantis was on the edge of his seat when he caught four nines on the river. What he didn’t realize was that another player at the table, Carlo Valente, was sitting comfortably with an even better hand, a nine high straight flush.”

Even the best of players would think they could take down the pot with quad nines, but DiSantis was not so lucky as his hand was beaten by the straight flush of Valente. The joy of a Bad Beat Jackpot though is the loser takes home the majority of the pot and despite losing the hand DiSantis walked away with a cool $108,672.60. The winner of the hand Carlo Valente took home $54,336.29 for winning and the remaining seven players at the table all took home $15,524.66 each.

Once the jackpot is won it is reset, something that Steve Callender was quick to point out as he said, “The Bad Beat Jackpot has been reset to $109,985.35. Join the action in the Tropicana Poker Room and you could be the next player to score a bad beat.”

If you look online at certain poker websites you will find even bigger jackpots than the one that was shared at the Tropicana at the weekend, and who knows you could be the next big winner despite actually being a loser!

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