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Antanas Guoga (That’s Tony G To Me And You) To Launch New Poker Site “TonyBet” Later This Month

Written By: Maya Michaels | December 10, 2013 | Posted In Poker News

Antanas Guoga is a well known International Businessman, a name that some of you may know and some of you may not, but if we said the Lithuanian-Australian poker star Tony G instead, you would then no doubt know who we were talking about. Well Tong G is all set to launch his own poker brand later this month, a brand that is simply called “TonyBet”.

TonyBet Poker will launch later this month and the speculation is mounting as Tony G has took to social media to tease his band of followers. Over the course of the weekend there were a series of messages posted by Tony G himself. The fist one said, “I have jaw-breaking news for all of you G fans out there! This time it’s all about poker – no business affairs, no nothin, just plain poker. Keep on following for more.”

Now that message sent the poker fraternity into meltdown with 64,000 likes on Facebook during the course of the day, with people all over the world trying to second guess what the message actually meant. On Sunday another message was posted on the social media page Facebook by Tony G, a message that said, “This Xmas I’m putting my Santa’s beard on! I have a bag full of presents for all poker fans! This year the holidays start early!”

If you want to know more then log on to your Facebook page now and follow Tong G as quickly as possible, but of course you can stay tuned to us here at PokerNet.com and as soon as we know what the big surprises are we will of course inform you our readers.

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