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Andrew Lichtenberger is the Winner of the World Poker Tour

Written By: Maya Michaels | December 23, 2014 | Posted In Poker News

As the final days have gone down and one by one the players have dropped off the board, Andrew Lichtenberger has made his way to the top of the charts. Not only did he make a grand entrance into the world of poker, but he also made the assumption that he was going to lose the whole tour and would have to walk out empty handed – so this became a huge surprise when he actually won the entire thing!

The Battle of the Poker Game 

The World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic was the game being played at the Bellagio alongside another tournament with less players and a higher stake. Andrew was able to beat out many different players over the course of a few days that the tournament was held throughout the casino. This was the first place prize pool, and though many of the players were able to hold onto their seats for quite some time – many of them buying back into the game, they were still able to make it out on top.

Live updates of the event were given throughout the event to let everyone know what happens next and who continued to stay on the top of the charts. In addition, this tournament brought in many of the top poker players from all over the world, that were not able to make their way to the stage. They were outnumbered, and Andrew was determined to stay in the game, even against those that have been playing in the tournaments for quite some time.

Is he going to be going to some of the other tournaments that are coming up, after this big win? Yes, you’ll be able to see many of these bigger tournaments and you can spot him at one of the tables trying to play his way into them so that he can come out as one of the bigger poker players.

What did he win?

He was able to walk away with $2,104,245 in cash. This was a major win, a huge win and he couldn’t be more happier about the outcome, wouldn’t you be happy?

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