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Andreas Gann Disrespects Poker Game With Sketchy Move

Written By: Maya Michaels | April 7, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Andreas Gann and Donnacha O’Dea caused quite a ruckus in the poker world on Monday, April 6 while playing at the final table at the Irish Poker Open. I suppose this opening sentence isn’t quite accurate with the fact being that Andreas Gann started the elaborate scene before getting the instant karma he deserved. O’Dea only makes a play as a part of the game by being an Irish poker legend, clad in dignity and respect for the game.

The hand started out with O’Dea opening up with 100,000 chips and an Ace and 6 of clubs. Slightly less stacked, Gann decided to call with only a King and Queen of diamonds in his arsenal. Then came the flop, and there it was for Gann – an Ace, an 8, and a 6 of diamonds across the board – giving Gann an Ace high flush. Time to call all-in right? Guess again.

Instead, Gann made an unorthodox decision to covet his strong hand and simply check. Immediately, O’Dea pushed 300,000 chips into the center of the table, prompting Gann to go all-in. For an unknown reason, Gann decided to sit back while he maintained having an easy call. Even the commentators grew upset waiting for Gann to call, heckling the poker player with the word, “disgraceful.”

The rest of the players at the table broke into boos and showings of disrespect when Gann smiled and finally showed his superior hand. The audience agreed with the rest of the table and quite noticeably disapproved of Gann’s move.

But the well respected champ, O’Dea wasn’t done yet, and as the crowd chanted for a six the dealer followed suit. The 6 of hearts rolled off the deck and the crowd cheered relentlessly in favor of O’Dea. This simple fortune brought Gann to fall all the way down to eighth place.

Neither the crowd nor the players at the table could seem to be more thrilled. Gann even went on to receive death threats as he was being escorted from the room. And in good conscience, O’Dea justifiably finished before Gann, landing in fifth place.

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