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AI Poker Player Threatens to Overthrow Raft of Texas Hold’em Winners

Written By: Maya Michaels | January 10, 2017 | Posted In Poker News

Do you remember the last time that your computer purposely misled you? Well if you are one of those people that are less computer savvy, you would probably answer “just today.”  But this actually speaks more about one deceiving themselves rather than it does to any sort of technical intent.  But, on January 11th, 2017, this all could actually change when the Carnegie Mellon poker playing AI will go up against some of the very best poker players in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania at the Rivers Casino.

It has almost become an ordinary practice when it comes to talking about machine intelligence overthrowing a board game hero once again, so what exactly makes this poker tournament a big deal?  If you are a poker player, you understand that there is a need to possess something similar to a notion of the opponent’s mind and that you must have the ability to bluff and mislead those opponents.  These of course are qualities that are very difficult to program into any computer.  While in society we just may believe that lying is actually one of the very worst features that humans may have, but on the other hand if you are a poker player and are very good at lying it just may be a sign of intelligence.  In order for a human or even an AI to bluff, they must have the idea about the opponent’s expectations, and what they believe will happen within the future.

What is actually scary about this whole idea is that there is an actual computer algorithm or program that can beat a human in a game that involves imperfect information, extreme complexity, and bluffing, and this program can easily be tailored to defeat us within many of the various games that we play against each other.  For example: hostile takeovers, divorce settlements, even a real estate deal.

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