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A New Way to View Poker – Bull Poker is a New Thing

Written By: Maya Michaels | January 6, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

Surprisingly, there are many ways to play poker and this is just one of the more unheard of, dangerous ways for you to do so. The cowboys or bull riders will sit around the poker table with their hands and the one that sits there the longest is the winner. The bull, however, is who is running around and smacking their horns into everything and anything that they see because they are mad and want to get someone with the horns on their head.

Who Thinks of This?

Want to know the best part about bull poker or cowboy poker, as it is sometimes referred too? There is a joker card that is placed on the horn of the bull and when a cowboy comes close enough to grab it, they can be the winner, as well and get a special surprise for just doing that. This is one of the craziest things that we have heard of. How do you get to play the game of poker, knowing that you’re in some big trouble if the bull comes over to you, or right behind you and hits you in the back with their horn.

One bull poker player learned this the hard way when the bull did indeed, sneak up behind him and get him. He is in stable condition but got hurt pretty bad because of this new, dangerous game that all of the bull riders seem to be playing. Of course, not all bull riders are brave enough to do something like this and many of the ranches out there will not even do something like this anymore. It just seems like something that you wouldn’t think to read about in the paper, or even online but now you have.

Are you as shocked about it as we were? This was something that we were not expecting. Talk about hurt tying up you hand and making sure to keep your poker face on during the whole game. I wonder how many of the guys are actually able to do that when they are sitting there waiting for the bull to come near.

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