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3 November 9ers are to Represent 888Poker in the Final WSOP ME Table

Written By: Maya Michaels | November 1, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

The 3rd November 9er to sport an 888Poker patch to the Main Event of the 2016 WSOP is Kenny Hallaert.

The 888Poker has already been sporting their logo on the tabletop felt as well as all around the playing room at the WSOP and now when the final table during the Main Event takes place on October 30, 2016 the 888Poker will also be sporting their patches on 1/3rd of the November 9ers on the 2nd largest online poker site.

The 888Poker site has already signed on Fernando Pons as well as who both have been qualified for the Main Event in the 2016 WSOP.  888Poker has now jumped to acquire Kenny Hallaert’s signature at least until the end of the final table Main Event of the WSOP.

The news of signing on Kenny Hallaert came as a surprise due to the fact that he has only just come to be the tourney director for Unibet.  But make no mistake Kenny Hallaert is a good one to sign on due to his very well standing within the community as well as the fact that Kenny will surely be one of the supported poker players that will be competing for the first place standing and the eight million dollar grand prize.

Kenny Hallaert has current won a total of $2,317,530.00 in live tournaments, this includes the one million dollars that he has been assured for successfully reaching the final table Main Event of the WSOP.  This very impressive amount of winnings was just enough to get Kenny a 3rd place ranking in Belgium’s all-time money listing.  The 1st and 2nd place rankings go to Davidi Kitai who is a 3 time WSOP bracelet winner with a total winning in the amount of $7,619,543.00 and Pierre Neuville who is a former November 9er with a total winning in the amount of $3,862,736.00.

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