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2016 Hall of Fame Poker Snubs

Written By: Maya Michaels | September 20, 2016 | Posted In Poker News

The Hall of Fame of Poker just may have missed its mark when it missed these particular nominees in HOF Snubs.

After the WSOP announced the nominees of the Poker Hall of Fame, many poker fans flocked to the social media in order to discuss either their excitement or distain about certain nominees.  Some of the fans even went to great lengths to state who they thought should have been nominated but did not. Here is a list of those who many thought were snubbed.

Isai Scheinberg

Even though he is certainly not a poker player, he has in fact had a very large impact on the poker game.  As he is the driving force that is behind PokerStars, and he built this company brand as well as being a company unrivaled.

Mark Scheinberg

One of the main criteria that the Poker Hall of Fame list ids that […] has contributed to the overall success as well as growth of the poker game.  No one fit this description better than the son and father team.

Mike Matusow

Many people may ridicule Mike “the Mouth” Matusow for his past history with alcohol and drug addiction as well as his rambling.  But it is very hard to deny the impact that he has had on poker.  Mike is one of the very first poker players, and when he has his head in the game, he comes out with great results.

Men Nguyen

Rumors that have been unproven as well as many allegations seem to be the things that have been keeping him out of the Poker Hall of Fame due to the fact that the numbers that he has shown are certainly worthy of a nomination.  He has a total of over ten million in tournament career earnings as well as 7 WSOP bracelets which in fact puts him in the top 10 for WSOP bracelets won.

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