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2015 European Poker Tournament Exceeds Expectations

Written By: Maya Michaels | September 1, 2015 | Posted In Poker News

The European poker Tour landed in Barcelona and surpassed all expectations. The 5,300 euros it took to buy was the largest in the tours existence and brought out some of the world’s best Texas Hold’em players. The actual main event is what solidify its place at the top with 1,694 players playing for the grand prize. The popularity has grown vastly and doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Some of the biggest names in poker showed their talents off in Barcelona but they could only have 1 winner and that was 44 year old poker professional John Juanda.

Juanda earned an incredible 1,022, 593 euro which in the US dollar translates to $1,186,208. Juanda who is a regular poker face on the tour has been building a viable career over the years. He finished runner up in London during the European Poker Tour in 2010, so bringing home the top prize in this historic event is only fitting. He has jumped into the hierarchy of poker earnings after this win as well. His career earnings exceed $16 million and places him in the top 10 among players of the EPT. To make the accomplishment even bigger, Juanda started the final day 5th in chips climbing and surviving the table as he went on the claim victory.

The final showdown came between former Champion Steve Warburton who won in Madrid in 2012. The 2 battled for poker supremacy with Juanda coming out the victor. The runner up still paid out pretty well in this massive tournament. Warburton ended his run with still earning over $1 million himself. The 2rd place finisher took home just under a million. The European Poker Tour continues to grow and bring top tier poker players all over the world. Barcelona now has bragging rights for putting on the largest and most successful main event the tour has seen so far. Making more millionaires along the way.

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